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私の夢の国 それは不思議の国よ

どうしてあたしがキチガイなんですか? ぜったいそうだよ。そうでなきゃここにはこない

Enchanted Spiral
15 July 1982
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"Basically, what we have here is a dreamer. Someone out of touch with reality. When she'd jump, she probably thought she'd fly"

Who Am I?

*Not a follower of the virtues expoused by bourgeois society: routine, temperance, convention, mediocrity, materialism and respectability.

*I made do - creatively, exultantly - and I don't need the newest appliance car, or gadget to impress, to feel whole, to define myself, to pursue dreams

*I have the moral courage to wrestle with self doubt, take risks, revolutionize, dismantle and shock, endure criticism and rejection.

"I don't believe in deadlines, Daria. They stifle creativity"

Free of the shallow, superficial value system of a profit-driven culture gone terribly, terribly wrong

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure WHO I am. I have various interests that can place me someway, shape or form in many groups.

But I can tell you a little about me. (sort of,, well as best as I can)

I'm sure I fit in someplace.

"Like it or not, this is who I am. This is what the world has made of me and we must all live with the consequences. I can't change the decades of life behind that that have wrought this, only take responsibility for what I am and what I do. I don't want to compete with you for moral high ground or anything else. Unless you're prepared to kill everyone who doesn't live up to your standards or else to endure this impasse indefinitely, you're going to have to accept me on my own terms, as I hope to accept you. You are as responsible as I am for making what goes on between us positive for both.... or for the world of strife we will suffer in otherwise"

"People will often hurt and kill each other for no other reason than one conveniently provided for them. People will hate and despise anything different if given a reason to. The only way to end discrimination is to stop pointing out differences, ignore the 'I'm special, look at mes!', and treat each other as truly equal. Not as protected citizens or minorities. There are no minorities, we're all the same, inside and out.

"Oppression is on both sides of the table. It's just easier to forget about the other side when you feel slighted. Equality doesn't come with the stripping of rights from one and the uplifting of the other. It comes with time, understanding, patience, and maturity. Forcing people to do anything makes them more hostile towards what they're being forced away from"

"If it not breaking a rule, inciting anarchy, igniting social reform, or unsettling to the public at large, it's not good"


*makes me gooshy inside*






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